About Shizuoka Registration Support Association

一般社団法人 静岡登録支援協会

Shizuoka Registration Support Association
Our corporation mainly targets foreigners who wish to stay in Japan and Japanese people and companies that accept them, and by supporting mutual understanding and exchange, we aim to build a multicultural society in Japan. We carry out the following projects for the purpose of contributing to realization.
(1) Implementation of support for foreigners in their work life, daily life or social life
(2) Education and consulting on Japanese language and skills for foreigners
(3) Support and consulting for overseas expansion of domestic corporations and domestic expansion of overseas corporations
(4) Planning, production, management and consulting of events related to culture, sports, health, care, welfare, health, etc.
(5) Planning and implementation of public relations enlightenment activities that contribute to foreigners and a multicultural society
(6) Various research studies related to foreigners and multicultural society
(7) All businesses incidental to the above items
Representative Director
Shinichi Tsuchiya
Eiji Shimizu
Makoto Saito
Nami Kuromi
Adviser administrative scrivener
Osamu Nagae (ON administrative scrivener office belonging to Tokyo Administrative Scrivener Association)
Main office
25 Oba, Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 411-0803
(From JR Mishima Station, get off at “Oba Station” on the Izu-Hakone Railway/Suzu Line)
070-8583-3808(person in charge: Tsuchiya, Kuroki)
Registered Support Organization registration number
Registered on September 12, 2019 19 Tou-002158
Available languages
Thai, Vietnamese, English, Portuguese, Spanish


お気軽にお問合せください(担当:土屋・黒木) Please contact us.070-8583-3808受付時間 9:00-18:00 [ 土・日・祝日除く ]

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